Core Team

Abhishek Kumar

Co-Founder and CEO

Abhishek  is a law student currently studying at Banaras Hindu University.

He’s the master mind behind the formation of LawSphere. He just needs all information in hand and as soon as you finish your first cup of coffee voilà……and the work is done.

He’s our techno geek!!

Kumud Singh

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Kumud Singh is a law student currently studying at Banaras Hindu University.

She’s the backbone of LawSphere. Her writing skills and amazing power to retain every detail is commendable.

You can overload her with work but she knows how to make her way through hay.

She’s our Multi-tasker!!

Japneet Kaur Kohli

Chief Operating Officer and Chairman

Japneet kaur kohli is a law student currently studying at Symbiosis Law School.
Becoming a lawyer and standing up for the right has been her aspiration ever since she understood the working of this world.

She’s the artist of LawSphere. Provide her with the details and goals you wish to achieve, her creative mind solves every situation within a blink of an eye.

She is an eager beaver, a young woman who lives her life on the saying,

“Do something great today, that your future self will thank you for. “

She’s our Picasso.

Core Team

Vasuki Murugan

Head, Graphic Designer

Vasuki is a 4th year student pursuing  BA.LLB(Hons.) from School of Excellence in Law(TNDALU), Chennai.  She has an assertive nature and possess strong work ethics. She is always open to learning new things and always tried to be enthusiastic and to be a part of many events and competition for enhancement of her personality. Her area of interest lies in Cyber laws and IPR.

Vikash Kumar

HEad, Editorial Board

Vikash is a law student currently studying at Banaras Hindu University. He actively handles our editorial board. He has a very strong dedication towards work and is always ready, even at midnight, if the work demands so. 

Vaishnav Arun kumar

Head, Content board

Vaishnav Arun Kumar is a 4th year law student who currently pursues BBA LLB from OP Jindal law school. His interests include commercial litigation, Intellectual property rights and hope to make a career in corporate litigation.  He has written several articles spanning over various topics and is always willing to write anything that has a burning legal question. His other interests include analysing laws regarding sports and is an absolute football fanatic.

Prison Reforms in India

Adarsh Kashyap

Head, Internship cell

Adarsh Kashyap is a student of Gujarat National Law University. He is currently in the 3rd year of B.A LLB. His area of interest is in corporate law arbitration constitutional law. He is highly interested in football.