5 things to do to beat your ‘Tier – 3’College graduate tag

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When you land into a Tier – 3 college, from the very first day you know that you will have to face plethora of difficulties in building your career. 
Tier-3 colleges are those colleges which have recently been opened and lack many things than Tier 1 and 2 colleges have. These colleges attract abundant of those students who just wanted to pursue a particular course due to their parents and some other reasons.
So, to beat your ‘Tier – 3’ College graduate tag firstly you must understand what Tier 1 and 2 college students have advantages over you. These are enumerated hereunder –
Their resumes are better as compared to a student from a Tier – 3 college. 
Getting admission into Tier-1 and Tier-2 college is not easy as only high rankers are chosen. 
Recruiters filter a lot of good candidates on the basis of their college. 
They have lot of advantages whether it is of exposure, academic, alumni help and many more. 
They usually have surety of placements and their careers which give them high confidence. 
Lack of above mentioned things make a Tier – 3 student comparatively less competent than them. 
Here is a discussion on what 5 things you can do to beat your ‘Tier – 3’ College graduate tag – 
1. Build a Strong Resume
Yourresume needs to be professional and proper because, if not, your application materials probably won’t get a second glance from any hiring manager. It is what qualifies you as the best. Whenever you apply anywhere your resume represents who and how qualified you are. 
People put a lot of effort in making projects but they don’t represent it well on their resume. Some people work on 2-3 months long self-initiated projects, but they just mention the technologies they used within a line. If you have worked it advocates do mention it in your resume ,it will be counted as your work experience. 
Always select the best resume type and make it appealing by representing all your skills and abilities in a proper manner. The very first thing you must do on your resume is research about the company you are applying in and make different resumes for different companies. 
2. Lead your own journey and discover new paths to success
Always remember, “To be a self-initiator and a self-motivator has always been a path of difficulty but it has uniqueness of its own”.
People usually follow the conventional ways to get a job like: Practice programming 1-2 months before interviews, but unlike campus placements, for off-campus placements it’s never sure that when a person will get shortlisted for interviews. So always keep yourself involved in something or the other. If you want to stand out different from the crowd, you will have to take bold steps on your own. Do lots of research in different areas, compete on various platforms, try to get in- touch with various organizations. And yes, exposure is very important in the present era so, network with resourceful people so that you stay updated with “what’s going on in the world” and “how you can benefit from the new opportunities that are likely to be created in near future”.
Many a times we have seen people saying marks does not  matter , but when you try to find out  this notion around you ,you will end up quoting it as illusionary. Because at the end marks do matter, especially when you do not have much to show, you must have a good score card. Have a realistic approach to things happening around you and always think practically. First of all you must be among the top scorers of the class, thrive to improve your communication skills, organisational skills and always try to keep yourself updated with current scenarios that can give you advantage over others. 
3. Do Internships at good platforms
Doing internships give a real-world work experience. Always try to abreast yourself with practical skills. Doing internships not only add points to your resume but also improve your competency and quality. If you are interning during the holidays , it will add to your skills. Start interning from the very first year of your college life. To a beginner, it is usually suggested to apply in various NGOs and gain expeience afterwards you can apply in law firms, governmental organisations and can also intern with advocates 
Tier-1 college students usually say that the need of internships for placements is very less, but it is only true for them as they have good campus placements. For Tier – 3 college students doing internships holds as much as importance as their degree.
Internships might land up in getting a pre-placement offer. Try to do multiple projects and get internships from good companies and organizations to get more exposure and beat Tier 1and 2 college students. 
Interning at prestigious institutions can help a lot to beat tier-3 college graduate tag. If you are not getting entry into prestigious institutions choose small institutions, work for sometime there and after getting experience apply for higher institutions. Your experience in doing things practically with theoretical knowledge attracts the recruiters. You can also do good and multiple projects. Instead of giving your efforts in only a particular project try to do multiple projects which will give you lot of advantages and skills. 
4. Work hard and smart
You must be confident and give your best in doing any task you have been assigned. In the present scenario you will have to work in a smart manner. This is the very first thing Tier 1 and 2 college students possess. Always remember being a Tier 3 college student, expectations are not very high from you. But don’t take it negatively rather it’s something plus point for you, you have the freedom to do anything. Utilise this tag, think optimistically and reach upto the head of success. 
No one is smarter than you, it’s your efforts and work that takes gives you an edge over the one who just do traditional things. Think differently and never demean yourself .
5. Pursue online courses and certifications
Apart from your regular studies do online courses and improve your skills. You can get admitted to various online courses and certifications very easily. Enroll yourself in those courses that are suitable and useful for your career. By doing these courses you can utilize your time and efforts and get fruitful results. 
Try to indulge yourself in various activities organized by your college. No matter in which kind of college you are studying unless you perform the best there. 
Having different kinds skills give you lots of exposure and a different identity too. 
Follow your dreams and give the best you can. College name doesn’t matter in long run but your never give up attitude does. So, be confident, work hard in smart manner and have faith in yourself. To negotiate better at any place, first of all forget where you come from (esp. your college) and then deal with others. You will perform exceptionally well. Optimistic approach will surely make you a successful person.
Surround yourself with good people who are hardworking, eager to learn, passionate about something. Your ambience builds your mindset and being with good people positively affects your mind which in turn helps you in molding your career.
Believe in yourself, there is always a way out. You just need to figure it out!

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